An exhibition in Aalst

During ALIAS various locations in the city are inhabited by contemporary art. Each one tells a story and introduces a different artistic language. At some sites the work brings hidden stories to light, at others it comments on a dominant history or presents a fictive tale ... As you walk through the city a plurality of voices unfolds a narrative.

ALIAS touches upon the complexity of citizenship, it hints at power currents in the sedimentation of social organisation. What is to be understood as the annals of history, what is their impact on the present and future composition of the city? And how are social relationships formed as ideological constructs, within all of the above?

As such Netwerk Aalst 'aliast' Aalst. Within the exhibition the city functions as a background for action, takes up the role of a character in a play, or is replaced by a fictional image altogether. By walking through the city, existing environments are brought to live by fictive characters or the other way around, while true and false stories intertwine. Throughout the exhibition, fact and fiction weave in and out of each other, thus making way for speculation.

Just as a city transforms under the influence of its inhabitants and visitors, so do these people due to the city they experience. Because of this interaction with ALIAS we are asked to propose possible futures for the city.

Participating artists and locations

Bianca Baldi
Play-White 2019

Location: Huis De Bolle, second floor - Zwarte Zustersstraat 15

Omar A. Chowdhury
Augustijn 2019

Location: Netwerk Aalst - Houtkaai 15

Lucile Desamory

Location: CC De Werf - Molenstraat 51

Ieva Epnere
Es mãcēju danci vest 2018

Location: Banquet hall - Grote Markt 3

Ghislaine Leung
VIOLETS 3 2019
Curated by Alicja Melzacka

Location: Netwerk Aalst - Houtkaai 15

Virginia Lupu
Failproof Witch 2019
In collaboration with Mihaela Minca
Holy Sun I'm Not Raising Up the Wind From the Earth, But I'm Raising Your Circle Onto My Head And Your Rays Into My Eyelashes 2019
Curated by Anca Rujoiu

Location: Belfort - Grote Markt 19

Wendy Morris
Travelogue of the Wandering Womb, her Fantastic Encounters and Curious Utterings 2019
Location: Huis De Bolle, first floor (studio) - Zwarte Zustersstraat 15
Location: Garden of Hotel van Langenhove - Entrance via Zwarte Zustersstraat 10

Daniela Ortiz
The Empire of Law 2019
In collaboration with Laurens Dhaenens

Location: Netwerk Aalst - Houtkaai 15

Ria Pacquée
Le mien, le tien, le sien 2019

Location: Violettestraat 2

Tai Shani
DC: Semiramis 2019

Location: SULBB - Hertshage 10


Festive opening on Saturday September 28, 2019 from 2 pm.

Open from September 29 until December 1, 2019.

Opening hours

  • Thursday and Friday, from 1 until 5 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am until 5 pm
  • Wednesday for groups of 15 people or more, subject to reservation

Please note that CC De Werf is closed on Sundays and only open between 2 and 5 pm.


  • € 9 - individual rate
  • € 5 - groups of 10 people or more, teacher's card, residents of Aalst, +65, students -25, disabled people and their caretaker, city staff Aalst, member of Gezinsbond
  • € 1.5 - children -18, UiTpas at social tariff
  • € 60 - guided tour NL / ENG / FR (max. 2 hours and 20 people), excluding entrance tickets


Netwerk Aalst - Houtkaai 15

Info points

CC De Werf - Molenstraat 51

Aalst tourism - Hopmarkt 51

Info and reservations

Tickets remain valid during the entire exhibition period, so visitors can visit the expo several times with the same ticket. The tickets are not transferable.

Experience Alias / Public Program

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