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Music documentary - The King

a film by Eugene Jarecki


with Billie Holiday, Mike Myers, Alec Baldwin, Lana Del Rey, Ethan Hawke, Ashton Kutcher, Chuck D, Rosanne Cash, John Hiatt, Emmylou Harris

US - 107’

English spoken, Dutch subtitles

Films begins at 8 PM

Delightful roadmovie, heartbreaking biography and razor sharp analysis about the US all in one.

The King is a matchless movie that takes you along in Elvis' Roll Royce on a trip to the country he left behind more than 40 years ago. A country that, just like Elvis, made a young, fresh and promising start but during time it succumbed to the destructive effects of addiction, money and power.

Jarecki, one of America's most honored documentary makers, got a hold of Elvis' Rolls Royce from 1963 especially for this movie. While telling stories, making comments and playing music, a whole bunch of famous musicians and Hollywood actors travel along on the back seat. The only constant is the complex life story of Elvis Presley.

By putting together so many different people in such a loose way, Jarecki reveals his wisdom. Through the eyes of America, Elvis represented so many different things. The American Dream, chasing happiness in all its greatness and ugliness, can be seen in this poor talented boy with black hair and high cheeckbones.

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