Measures to guarantee a safe visit

The safety and health of our visitors and our team is important to Netwerk Aalst. On this page, you will find the latest information about the measures that Netwerk Aalst takes to guarantee a safe visit.


  1. You are required to wear a mouth mask in our building
  2. Visiting an exhibition, watching a film or having a drink is only possible after checking your Covid Safe Ticket (read more below)
  3. To take care of you and of themselves all our employees wear a mouth mask
  4. Keep your distance
  5. Stay at home when you are ill
  6. Wash your hands regularly
  7. We monitor CO2 levels with an air quality meter and ventilate sufficiently


  • I would like to visit an exhibition, watch a film or have a drink. Which documents do I need?

To gain access to activities in our building you need a Covid Safe Ticket and a proof of your identity (ID card, driver’s license, or passport). We kindly ask you to show your Covid Safe Ticket and identity card at our desk. After checking your Covid Safe Ticket, you no longer need to wear a mouth mask and keep a distance of 1.5 metres. Do you feel more comfortable with a mouth mask? Feel free to wear it!

Download the COVIDscanBE-application for free so we can scan your CST. In addition, we also ask you to present an identity document (identity card +16 years old) so that we can verify that the certificate you are showing is yours personally. If you are unable to present these documents, we regret that we cannot grant you access to the hall.

Anyone who buys a ticket for an activity agrees to present the Covid Safe Ticket and to prove his/her identity.  

  • Will my health data be shared when my CST is scanned?

No, no health data is shared when scanning. We only see your name, first name, date of birth and validity of your CST.

  • I am in possession of a European Corona Certificate. Is this sufficient to attend activities?

Yes, the Covid Safe Ticket is identical to the European Corona Certificate. If you have this certificate, you do not need to request an additional document.

  • Which conditions do I need to fulfil to obtain a Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

Everybody older than 12 years (year of birth 2009) can apply for a CST. Children younger than 16 years old can attend the activities without any additional checks.

You will receive a valid Covid Safe Ticket in one of the following situations:

  1. you are in possession of a vaccination certificate: you have been fully vaccinated for more than 2 weeks;
  2. you have a recovery certificate of less than 6 months;
  3. you have had a PCR test, with a negative result: validity = day of the test plus 2 days;
  4. you have had a rapid antigen test performed by medically trained personnel, with a negative result: validity = day of test plus 1 day.
  • Where can I apply for the Covid Safe Ticket?

The CST uses the same QR code as the European corona certificate. The codes are identical. So there is no separate application procedure for the CST. If you have a European corona certificate in your pocket, you do not need to apply for an additional document.

Mobile CST: the CST certificate is available digitally through the CovidSafeBE-app (mobile app) and on websites like 'Mijn Brugerprofiel', '' or 'MyHealthViewer'. To retrieve certificates digitally you need either your identity card, pin code and card reader or another activated digital key (e.g. itsme). Make sure that the brightness of your screen is set high enough when you display it for verification.

printed CST: make sure the QR code is not wrinkled, so we can scan it.

  • Where can I find additional information about the CST?
  1. as a visitor of an event:
  2. as an organiser of an event:
  • Do you have any questions about the certificates or applications? 

Please contact the Covid Vaccinations and Certificates helpdesk: 078 78 78 50.