Family Film & breakfast

SPY SCHOOL is a series of lectures and workshops by Croatian theater director Tea Tupajić. After a chance meeting with Israeli security officers at the Tel Aviv airport, she was fascinated by the interrogation techniques and espionage methods of secret services.

During the SPY SCHOOL workshops, Tea Tupajić will transfer this secret knowledge to the participating groups. More info about the workshops can be found elsewhere on this website.

In the context of SPY SCHOOL, Netwerk Film will pull an all-nighter with a special programme. In the morning, we'll serve breakfast and show a special film for the smallest of film lovers and their parents.

We chose De Buurtspion, a film by Karla von Bengston (Dutch-spoken).

  • Cost film + breakfast: 10 € for adults, 7 € for children (until 18 years old)
  • Breakfast is serverd from 9:30 AM
  • Film starts at 10:30 AM

Let us know if you can make it and whether or not you're having breakfast first by e-mailing by calling 053 70 97 73


De Buurtspion (2017) A film by Karla von Bengtson

Ten year-old Agathe-Christine would love to be a private detective. She already has an office and gets to work on her first case: the missing cookies from the neighbourhood store.

A beautiful coming-of-agefilm.