A solo exhibition by Ghislaine Leung in Netwerk Aalst

VIOLETS 3 is the third episode in Ghislaine Leung's long-term project developed for Netwerk Aalst. While VIOLETS 1 and 2 were directed inwards, at Netwerk, and prompted self-reflection on- and dissection of its institutional body, this episode turns outwards, towards the city of Aalst. VIOLETS 3 is realised in collaboration with curator Alicja Melzacka.

VIOLETS is a long-term project Ghislaine Leung develops for Netwerk Aalst that exists as a series of workshops, interventions, and installations. They comprise exercises in transcribing, editing, and rescaling, to explore the possibilities of a non-singular constitution in the development of formal languages and given infrastructures.

VIOLETS addresses economies of value, questioning how so-called neutral structures from exhibition architecture to institutional set-ups are often politically charged forms. Ghislaine Leung describes VIOLETS as a physical exercise in structural and material constituting.