An ongoing publication by Ghislaine Leung in collaboration with Alicja Melzacka

The VIOLETS 3 publication is based on texts sent by Ghislaine Leung. Quotes have been compiled by an external reader, Alicja Melzacka, and derive from different types of literary and theoretical texts — from the theory of moving image to exercises in deep listening. This extra theoretical and literal texts can be used as additional reading material in approaching Leung’s practice.

The publication displays these more personal fragments side by side with abstracts from legal documents on copyright. In this way, it reconstitutes relationships between the text and its constituents; a body paragraph, a blockquote, annotations, and the footnote.

VIOLETS is a long-term project Ghislaine Leung develops for Netwerk Aalst that exists as a series of workshops, interventions, and installations. They comprise exercises in transcribing, editing, and rescaling, to explore the possibilities of a non-singular constitution in the development of formal languages and given infrastructures.

VIOLETS addresses economies of value, questioning how so-called neutral structures from exhibition architecture to institutional set-ups are often politically charged forms. Ghislaine Leung describes VIOLETS as a physical exercise in structural and material constituting.