Working at NW

A team is like a living being. It is constantly growing, changing and evolving. Sometimes it needs new skills and insights. When that happens, you will find all our vacancies here.


When we talk about our ‘team’, we are not just talking about people who have made NW their regular job. Our volunteers or casual workers also fall under that heading. All hands, heads and hearts are desperately needed to make NW what it is. (Or, better yet: what it could be). That’s why we cherish our volunteers as indispensable links in our team.

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Do you want to do your internship at NW? You can! We offer both part-time and full-time internships in various disciplines. Everything depends on your availability and your teaching programme, but we do ask you to be available for at least two months. This will give you enough time to learn, gain experience and settle into our team.

Internship in Archiving and Conservation

Internship in Press and Communication

Internship in Audience Development