Ritual in Transfigured Time

Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Gaëlle Choisne, Maya Deren, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Onyeka Igwe, (LA)HORDE, Ula Sickle, Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca




Lucile Desamory



Info~Angel presents itself

The first in a series of presentations based on archival material chronicling Aalst’s progressive past and that of the wider Dender region.

Food programme


Kitchen Stories

Cooking and eating as connection, ritual, and dialogue

During the renovation of NW, the emphasis was on creating a central space for cooking. The open kitchen is a shared space, linked to everything happening in the building and the community in and around NW. The open kitchen brings people together, each with their own story.  In our open kitchen, cooking is a thoughtful […]

Film Focus



Werner Herzog is one of the film world’s icons. Since the 1960s, he has been working on a multifaceted body of work steeped in adventure, probing boundaries and exploring the human condition. Herzog’s work consists of more than 20 feature films and 30 documentaries, a vast repertoire from which only a few works will be […]

Film Focus


From Here

Zij die hier zijn, zijn van hier (Walter Swennen). A curated collection of contemporary and classic Belgian film.  

Film Focus



NW presents the latest and most remarkable arthouse cinema. Serving as the sole arthouse cinema in the Dender region, our cinema consistently offers thoughtfully co-curated lineup of films.

Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca

+ performance Gaëlle Choisne, Kettly Noël and Daniele Morelli

With backgrounds in journalism and art, Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca have formed a duo since 2013. Their first film, Faz Que Vai (set to go) – plays a central role in the exhibition Ritual in Transfigured Time – and serves as the starting point for a rich and diverse body of work that […]