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Burial Hex / Twig Harper / Floris Vanhoof

Analogue Electronic Tremors

James Twig Harper Johnston (Nautical Almanac) is an American musician and performer coming from the same scene as Wolf Eyes and Andrew WK. With transient equipment, homemade oscillators, edited toy instruments and lots of humour, he makes an analogue improv, sometimes powerfully intense, sometimes childlike and hilarious.

Burial Hex is the one-man black noise / horror electronics project of Clay Ruby (Davenport). With a suitcase full of homemade electronics, pieces of metal, effects and keyboards he drives out his demons.

Floris Vanhoof (ROT) makes crafty electronics: tape loops, old synths and all sorts of strange sounds. He will soon release a vinyl on Ultra Eczema.

Floris Vanhoof Live @ Recyclart

07.05.2009 20:30