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Chaos Culte

Alosta Souls

Chaos will not be televised brings New Beat from Aalst on Saturday, 30 April.

At 17:00 Steven Keymeulen will tell the story of New Beat in Aalst.

At 21:00 Alosta Souls presents Chaos Culte (Live). With Chaos Culte, Polle Van de Gash and Kwinton Lesi Jonson aka The Trappists pay tribute to their Aalst New Beat roots.

At 22:00 a dj set of Spektrum lets us dance into the night.

Sluggish beats, growling basses, Golf GTI synths, green laser, smoke and strobo.

A ticket for Chaos will not be televised gives acces to the reading of Steven Keymeulen, the concert and dj set and the exhibition Rewinding Internationalismfrom 13:00 till 20:00.

30.04.2022 21:00