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Ian William Craig / Innershades

Last year, Fat Cat’s sublabel 130701 released Centres, which is the ninth album by the Canadian singer-composer Ian William Craig. The classical trained opera singer Craig, is best known for his wild and experimental compositions yet equally covenient to listen to. His music is charming and slightly nostalgic, however sometimes erupted by a rusty tenor, even reminding us a bit to Burckley’s abstract heartbreaking sounds.

Craigs’ site-specific composition will be performed on the 13th of May at 4 pm in interaction with the work of “Tim Bruniges”: at the Statieplein in Aalst, as a part of the group show Murmur.

On the very same day, DJ Innershades (Thomas Blanckaert) will take us back to the eighties with a wide range of eclectic house and electrosounds. His new album The Beginning of the End will be released on cassette on March 23th by the Brussels label Unknown References in an edition of fifty.