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Jackie Lynn / Whispering Sons

Jackie Lynn
Last year we were blown away by the concert of Circuit des Yeux in Netwerk. The affable Haley Fohr now has a new project (with full backstory), under the name Jackie Lynn: the story of a country girl who becomes a drug dealer. It could be a Tarantino film. Fohr’s fierce, inevitable baritone voice has you trembling one moment, and then bursting into tears the next. The synthesizer environments are from producer and band member, Cooper Crain, Bitchin Bajas. Jackie Lynn debuted on Thrill Jockey.

Whispering Sons
Whispering Sons is a Limburg post-punk band that started mid-2013. Their dark, atmospheric sound and the dark voice of singer, Fenne Kuppens binds desperation and nervousness together into a sinister whole. Their EP, Endless Party, came out in late 2015 on the Ghent Wool-E-tapes and was re-issued on vinyl by Maximal Minimal. Both sold out in less than one month. On April 10, 2016 Whispering Sons was crowned the winner of Humo’s Rock Rally in 2016. The evidence is that post-punk is back from never having gone way away!

> documentary Jackie Lynn’s self-titled album is out now on Thrill Jockey Records. The songs “Bright Lights,” “Chicken Picken,” “Franklin, TN” and “Jackie”.
> Release ‘Performance’ by Whispering Sons