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KRAAK festival 2013

Billy Bao / David Behrman / Richard Dawson / Jonáš Gruska / Guds Söner / La Ligne Claire / Lubriphikatttor / Maan / Manuel Padding / Sleaford Mods / Tapes / Jijí Wehle / A box-Sized Die ft. Serial Butcher

The fifteenth edition of KRAAK festival, the annual caravan alongside avant-garde music history, contemporary experimental and other under-the-radar art, this year once again offers twelve hours of intensely eclectic, synaesthetic pleasure. Come and enjoy this festival and while you’re at it, visit the exhibition, Watch That Sound, at Netwerk , and then linger amid the (delicious noisy) festive atmosphere.

More info on the KRAAK festival site.

Billy Bao (ES)

David Behrman (US)

Richard Dawson (UK)

Jonáš Gruska (SK)

Guds Söner (SE)

La Ligne Claire (FR)

Lubrifikattor (FR)

Maan (BE)

Manuel Padding (NL)

Sleaford Mods (UK)

Tapes (UK)

Jiri Wehle (CZ)

A box-Sized Die ft. Serial Butcher (PT/BE)