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Lokai is the two-headed band of Austrians Stefan Németh (Radian) and Florian Kmet (Superlooper). With a great sense of improvisation, they explore the almost endless combination possibilities of electric guitar and electronics. The result is music with syncopated rhythms and impressionistic timbres, in which silence often plays a leading role. On their debut album 7 million, released by the trusted label Mosz, they create soundscapes with a brilliant and controlled character. The comparison with the work of Fennesz inevitably comes to mind, albeit that the desolate atmosphere of their compositions is equally reminiscent of Talk Talk’s later work. Following their run-through on the Mosz label night in early 2006, this time they present their new record at Netwerk (scheduled release in late 2007). Much more focused, carefully rhythmic and more acoustic are already the key words, according to Németh.

05.10.2007 20:00