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Marsen Jules & Trio Yara

Marsen Jules (DE)
Dortmund-based Martin Juhls has many alter-egos (Krill.Minima, Falter), but Marsen Jules is perhaps his most personal. Earlier this year, his highly intriguing album Herbstlaub was released on City Centre Offices (Swod, Network / 25-03-05 and Donato Wharton Network / 01-05-05). A symphonic autumn record that takes the listener for a romantic walk through a picturesque landscape. Think cinematic, orchestral, melancholic, heartfelt, atmospheric, and with, above all, lots of falling leaves.

As the right season arrives, Marsen Jules comes to Netwerk, together with the Trio Yara (Piano, violin and cello). In other words, an intense interplay between Mr Jules’ laptop and a classical trio.

For fans of Fennesz, Colleen, Murcof and Boards of Canada.
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Marsen Jules on Radiofrance

07.10.2005 23:00