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Miaux is an Antwerp-based keyboard virtuoso whose micro music touches every melancholic soul. Her minimal and timeless music evokes RoedeliusRuth White and electronic interpretations of baroque music. Simply played with two hands on an old-school Casio keyboard: a complete band in a Casio-unit!

Mia Prce, alias Miaux, daughter of two painters, was born in Sarajevo in 1982. When she was seven, the family moved to Antwerp and she came in contact with the exciting artist/freak-scene around Ercola, one of the oldest artists’ collectives in Antwerp. Mia became hooked on her father’s collection of cassettes: EmbryoNeu!Brainticket and Roxy Music. Since a very early age, her Casio keyboard that she acquired when she was five has fascinated her. Later, she was classically trained on the piano. Her music is released on such labels as, Ultra Eczema from Dennis Tyfus.