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Richard Youngs / Ignatz / Edgar Wappenhalter

It’s difficult to really pin down the stage-shy Scotsman Richard Youngs to any particular genre: noise, electronics, improv, pastoral drones, minimal folk or a cappella … in all styles he expresses his own wonderfully distinctive voice. After years in the margins he was discovered by Jagjaguwar (Dinosaur Jr., Black Mountain). This is his only concert in Belgium.


Ignatz‘s haunted and muddy psych blues gets better year after year. He will prove, having two new albums Selected Songs From Cassettes 2005-2009 (KRAAK) and I Hate This City (Conspiracy) finished, that he is still at the top of the Belgian underground.


Last year Edgar Wappenhalter (ex-Sylvester Anfang) announced his vinyl debut On The Beach (Morc Tapes), a perfect symbiosis between loner psych drenched in reverb and ecstatic tape-loop experiments.


19.02.2011 20:30