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Sam Prekop & Archer Prewitt

Sam Prekop (US) is one of those interesting people from the Chicago scene. With his post-rock supergroup The Sea and Cake (John McEntire – Tortoise, Josh Abrams – Town and Country, Archer Prewitt and formerly Jim O’Rourke), he has already made seven albums, One Bedroom being their most recent. This year saw the release of his second solo album Who’s your new professor, a dreamy post-rock trip with that typical Chicago flow, complemented by West African rhythms and a bluesy touch, released on the Thrill Jockey label (Tortoise, Chicago Underground, Trans Am). Together with Archer Prewitt, he comes to Netwerk for a laidback night with Chicago People.

For fans of Tortoise, Trans Am, Lars Hornveth & Stereolab

18.11.2005 20:30