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Steamboat Switzerland / Alessandro Bosetti

Steamboat Switzerland (CH)
Steamboat Switzerland is a Swiss Hammond Avantcore Trio consisting of Dominik Blum (hammond), Marino Pliakas (bass) & Lucas Niggli (drums). Their legendary performances (few bands that are so insanely in tune with each other) are situated somewhere in the no-mandsland between Free Jazz, Free Rock, Noise & Impro, an area where Supersilent also dares to venture at times. Clear proof that avant-garde & hardcore do go together. Their most recent CD Wertmüller (released on Church of Grob) contains exclusively work by Michael Wertmüller (Alboth!), written especially for the trio and for the first time combines their razor-sharp recorded instrumental music with dark vocals. Steamboat Switzerland, by the way, is active on a wide front. Just last summer, for instance, they played at Patti Smith’s Meltdown festival together with Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Nick Franglen (Lemon Jelly), . in John Cale’s band. After Austria’s Mosz, we continue to highlight the musical flanks of the Alps. Do not expect a soothing cruise on Lake Geneva, but rather a no-holds-barred steamboat (read speedboat) -trip, about which the press, after their passage on Domino 2001, still speak in superlatives.

Alessandro Bosetti (IT)
Alessandro Bosetti is an Italian composer, saxophonist and sound artist based in Berlin. His work is situated around spoken word and text-sound, walking the line between sound anthropology and composition. His abstract compositions are based on field recordings and interviews. For instance, he has an old man from Mali synchronously imitate a noise composition. Besides his work as a sound artist, Alessandro Bosetti is also an exceptionally original saxophonist, whose latest solo release is the highly dynamic Zona (Church of Grob). During ##Event#02:ACT:85## he will bring a performance for voice and laptop.

Alessandro Bosetti on quadrature

24.03.2006 20:30