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Swod is a Berlin duo consisting of Stephan Wörhmann and Oliver Dörell (see #Dictaphone). Take both men’s initials together and you know where the strange group name comes from. The two have been making music together for theatre productions, art and film projects for more than a decade. The latter in particular shows in Gehen, their debut record on Berlin/Manchesters label City Centre Offices (Donato Wharton, Christian Kleine, Dictaphone).

Unlike Dictaphone, on Swod it is not the sax but Wöhrmann’s neoclassical, melancholic piano playing that sets the tone, complemented by Dörell’s grainy electronics. Echoes of Erik Satie and Morton Feldman swirl down through the dreamy compositions, punctuated by click’n’cuts and samples. Together, they form the ideal soundtrack for an imaginary silent film, so reminiscent of the films of Théo Angelopoulos and Krzysztof Kieslowski.

25.03.2005 23:00