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Talibam! & Alan Wilkinson / John Butcher, John Edwards & Gino Robair Trio

New Yorkers Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea constitute the hyperkinetic drum-keys duo Talibam! Last year they collaborated with saxophonist Alan Wilkinson – who played, a.o, together with Steve Noble – to record the super crazy free jazz album Dem Ol ‘Apple Pie Melodies, which, according to The Wire was one of the best improv records of 2010. Killer Jazz for lovers of Paul Flaherty, Arthur Doyle and Joe McPhee.

A completely different side of jazz is explored by John Butcher (saxophone), John Edwards (bass) and Gino Robair (percussion). Butcher has played with both Edwards and Robair together as a duo, yet now they play together for the first time as a trio. Each are virtuosos at mistreating their instruments in the quest for textural extremes. Outer limit jazz for fans of Derek Bailey and Fred van Hove.

09.06.2011 20:30