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Thirty-five years ago, The Pop Group, from Bristol, was one of the greatest post-punk bands. The band combined Funk, dub, punk and free jazz around vocalist Mark Stewart, often with truly terrifying musical results, just think of the songs We Are Time and We Are All Prostitutes. These sounds influenced, among others, Nick Cave, Happy Mondays, The Rapture and Nine Inch Nails. After making a few fierce records the band fell apart. However, the members continued to make music and now, 35-years after For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder, there’s the new album, Citizen Zombie.

Stewart screeches with the same frightening, sometimes hysterical raging voice as before; proving he and his band still clearly mean business. Funk and jazz are pushed somewhat into the background, but they still sound genuinely provoked. Surprisingly, the album was recorded with pop producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Primal Scream, Florence & The Machine), and it seems as though The Pop Group has become a part of the system they were always against, but make no mistake, The Pop Group is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing that catapults Netwerk back in time to the Smurf-punx era.

The Guardian
The Pop Group review – a timely reminder of how rock used to revolt ****


Fluwelen Koord is Vedran Kopljar, Jan Gordts, Ken Verhoeven en Bauke Noppen. Vocals, laptop, electric guitar and synth. Decadence, eroticism, immaturity and demarcation.


Falling Man began as a trio, with members from the legendary Ghent underground band, Capt. Moon. Paul Van De Velde (guitar), Lode Sileghem (guitar) and Sven De Potter (drums) went looking for a frontman and found Louwyck. No singer like you and I have ever seen the likes of; rather a vocalist in the jacket of a big city shaman.


Crossing the Bridge offers a fresh new look at Netwerk’s rich musical history.
In this series of concerts we reach back in time to Netwerk’s former location, to uncover some choice examples of the punk spirit that Netwerk championed throughout the 80s and 90s.