A Walk in High Resolution

By David Bergé

This Walk Piece is a carefully composed walk during which participants are guided by the artist in silence along a precise trajectory and within a precise timeframe, through the textures and infrastructures that comprise the city of Aalst. With this Walk Piece David Bergé proposes an altered kind of perception of the city, one that will cut through the fabric of Aalst, to then stitch it back together again by the shared act of walking. The act of walking together, while being taken care of by a guide, invokes the intimacy of unmediated communication. The trajectory of the walk resonates with the phenomenological minutiae of street life and for the entire duration of the Walk Piece, audience members refrain from verbal exchange and taking pictures.

The exhibition A Walk in High Resolution will open the 23th in Out of Sight, a venue for contempory art.

Practical information

Friday 22.11.2019, at 7:30 am
Duration: 106 min
Good shoes are recommended.

Info and registration
Participation through registration only.
Due to the limited capacity (7 people), a lottery system will be in place.
For registration and information: charlotte@netwerkaalst.be.