Atlas Unlimited, ACT III

Blood from a Stone (Palmyra, 2028)

The exhibition Atlas Unlimited changes and adapts to its specific context, as a succession of “acts” at each location.

The three acts (on Saturday September 29, Friday October 26 and Friday December 14) take the form of public performances that propose a significant alteration of the exhibition. They take about an hour. A poster campaign precedes each act.

ACT III: December 14, 2018, 7 pm

Blood from a Stone (Palmyra, 2028)

In 2028, Syrian sculptor Zakaria Almoutlak is invited back to Palmyra to construct a monument to Syrian freedom after the end of the civil war. With the help and friendship of Mother Russia, Palmyra will once again rise to become the cultural oasis of the desert.

Come celebrate this momentous occasion and witness the unveiling of a sculpture thousands of years in the making.


Zakaria Almoutlak

Walid Horan

Hala Horan

Alma Horan

Zina Horan

Hanna Liubakova

Maram Mansor

Pieter Stevens

Nerses Vardanyan

Gospodi – Michaël Wittoek & Wenceslaus Mertens

14.12.2018 19:00