Egon Van Herreweghe / Edurne Rubio / Eric Thielemans / Geert Goiris / Eric De Smet

Opening solo exhibition Egon Van Herreweghe
+ film presentation Edurne Rubio
+ concert Eric Thielemans
+ presentation multiple Geert Goiris
+ book launch Eric De Smet

Edurne Rubio film presentation

Appartement 601 is a film that looks like a seance…
The main character is a building.
This seance is an attempt to get in contact with this building.
To find out if it is alive or dead.

How can we enter a disappeared living room,
remember a forgotten memory,
look at the inside of a picture,
drive over a road that is not on the map…

And in case we manage,
the question is: will we be able to get back ?

At least, let’s call home to say that we might be late!

Eric Thielemans concert

The most quirky drummer/ percussionist in the country comes to present his new record Sprang – out on Miasmah. A scintillating album that is brimming with cheerful and adventurous percussion. In Netwerk, he plays in the middle of the space, so you can experience it all from up close.

Geert Goiris presentation multiple

Following Geert Goiris’s ##solo exhibition:Activity:1000## in VOX, Montréal, Netwerk will present his edition DIVIDE (2013).
Edition 20 ex. – formaat 49 × 50 cm
Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Bright White papier
€ 200

Eric De Smet book launch

Toeval, noodzaak en verlangen, Het werk van Eric De Smet
(Coincidence, need and desires, The work of Eric De Smet)
A new publication by gallery EL, with texts by Roland Breeur, Eric De Smet (poems) and Hans Theys.


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Egon Van Herreweghe

always a thief and never caught

Egon Van Herreweghe

always a thief and never caught