I Was Told There’d Be Champagne

Francisco López / Kasper Andreasen / Christina Kubisch / Mira Sanders / A Box-sized DIE featuring Serial Butcher

The strength of Francisco López ‘compositions lies in the careful manipulation of field recordings and silence. During his unique concerts the musician acts as an experienced guide, leading the blindfolded public through his sonic universe.

The artist Kasper Andreassen presents his latest book Writing Over. For the occasion he has invited Louis Lüthi, who also contributed to the book. In addition, the artist shows two films. The films are “audio-visual books” which he made in collaboration with Hanne Lippard. They examine the qualities of a book through text, sound and moving image.

Since the eighties, German artist Christina Kubisch has created installations where – natural or manmade – electromagnetic radiation plays an important role. One of her most notable projects is the series Electrical Walks. During these city walks she goes in search of electromagnetic “hotspots” with a set of headphones that converts electromagnetic signals into sound. In Netwerk she goes in search of hidden electromagnetic sounds within the exhibition.

At this event we once again offer an exhibition introduction together with the artists. This gives you the unique opportunity to meet Mira Sanders and to learn about her work.

João Onofre’s Box-sized DIE featuring Serial Butcher is reactivated for this event. The Ghent based death-metal band, Serial Butcher, performs a ferocious concert from within the confines of the sculpture. That is, as long as the (limited) supply of oxygen permits them to continue to play. Literally until they drop.

€ 10 / 7

20:00-20:15 João Onofre’s Box Sized Die ft Serial Butcher
20:15-20:40 Mira Sanders
20:40-21:10 Kasper Andreasen
21:10-21:40 Nieuwjaarsdrink
21:40-22:30 Christina Kubisch
22:30-23:15 Francisco López

18.01.2013 20:00

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