Lecture Gili and Tea Tupajic

SPY SCHOOL is a series of lectures and workshops by Croatian theater director Tea Tupaji?. After a chance meeting with Israeli security officers at the Tel Aviv airport, she was fascinated by the interrogation techniques and espionage methods of secret services.

During the SPY SCHOOL workshops, Tea Tupaji? will transfer this secret knowledge to the participating groups. More info about the workshops can be found elsewhere on this website.

To accompany the three workshops, Tea Tupaji? curates a series of lectures per theme. The themes are Human Intelligence, Intelligence services and security in Belgium and Magic and the Intelligence Agency. The other lectures are elsewhere on this website.

Saturday 19 May: Human Intelligence – conversation between Tea Tupajic and Gili

The relationship between practices, methods and expertise fields of artists and intelligence agents has a rich and politically multidimensional history. For our lecture, we choose to look closely into one of the most curious examples of the collaboration between an artist and an intelligence agency. In the early Cold War Era of the 1950s, as a part of it’s famous MK-ULTRA, a secret mind-control and chemical interrogation research program, the CIA collaborated with John Mulholland, then America’s most famous magician.

The collaboration resulted in a recently declassified document The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception.

It is our pleasure to invite the renown Flemish mentalist and illusionist Lieven Gheysen- Gili to revisit the document and to demonstrate some of the skills and tricks of this curious collaboration.


Lecture starts at 7:30 PM

Cost: 5 € (this includes access to the exhibitions at Netwerk Aalst)

Please subscribe via info(at)netwerk-art.be or call 053 70 97 73

29.05.2018 19:30