Talk: New Beat in Aalst

Steven Keymeulen

Chaos will not be televised brings New Beat from Aalst on Saturday, 30 April.

At 17:00 Steven Keymeulen will tell the story of New Beat in Aalst.

Emanating from the dance halls of Aalst in the late 80s and early 90s, New Beat’s defining character was its slowing down of rpm. The music is the product of sonic experiments taking place in Aalst and transmitting to the world in this time of political and cultural change.

At 21:00 Alosta Souls presents Chaos Culte (Live). With Chaos Culte, Polle Van de Gash and Kwinton Lesi Jonson aka The Trappists pay tribute to their Aalst New Beat roots.

At 22:00 a dj set of Spektrum lets us dance into the night.

Sluggish beats, growling basses, Golf GTI synths, green laser, smoke and strobo.

A ticket for Chaos will not be televised gives acces to the reading of Steven Keymeulen, the concert and dj set and the exhibition Rewinding Internationalism from 13:00 till 20:00.

30.04.2022 17:00