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Charlotte Lybeer

Epidermis II

opening ##SA 16.01.2016 20:00
+ introduction by Johan Pas
+ book presentation Epidermis II:Publication – published by Art Paper Editions, Ghent

Photographic work of Charlotte Lybeer was previously seen in Netwerk in the group exhibition, Fat Birds Don’t Fly, in 2012. Netwerk has invited her again, this time for the realisation of a solo exhibition. Epidermis II shows new work that is linked to Lybeer’s doctoral research Lifestyle Supermarket at the Royal Academy in Antwerp.

In the meantime Lybeer’s work has become internationally appreciated. It ventures off-road and moves somewhere between documentary photography, art and clinical social criticism. Intrigued by people’s reaction to the ever-increasingly artificial world, the artist creates an ideal escape from everyday life. A world that perhaps is not as crazy as it might first seem.

Charlotte Lybeer (°1981) studied at the KASK in Ghent and followed with post-graduate training at HISK.

With the support of Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen.