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Dialogues with People […]

Imogen Stidworthy

Imogen Stidworthy asks how we experience and shape an understanding of our selves and our social relationships when words are not a given. What other forms of meaning and communication emerge at the borders of language?

Her works share a preoccupation with different forms of language, whether shaped by cultural practices or conditions such as aphasia and non-verbal autism. They involve people whose language is in some sense detached from linguistic meaning, opening the way to new channels of voicing and communication. These voices engage us in different modes of listening and reflect our relationship with our own tongue in new and surprising ways.

At Netwerk Aalst, Imogen Stidworthy presents seven installations. The exhibition takes the form of two interdependent sequences of three and four works, respectively. They run as continuous loops, in which only one work at a time is active, on the upper and lower floors of the building.

Dialogues with People […] is the second iteration of this exhibition format of sequential loops, which Imogen Stidworthy developed with WKV Stuttgart as part of her current work on the borders of language. The first iteration of this exhibition, with a different constellation of art works, ran from October 27, 2018 until January 13, 2019 at the Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart.


The exhibition by Imogen Stidworthy is played in loop, this means that each film plays one by one. Be sure to count in at least 1h30 to view the entire exhibition.