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Miks Mitrēvics + Kristīne Kursiša

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The foundation for this project comes from something resembling a personal diary. A compilation of everyday observations, photos, personalities, notes and remarks made in many towns and in different times, under various circumstances. For most of the time, they reflect certain personal investigations, the accumulation of which became the main creative action of not only the personal space but of the whole creative space.

Excerpt from Miks Mitrevics & Kristīne Kursiša book Seven Thursdays. A Dialogue for Two.

I will never forget the phone call of August 13, 2012 at 1:01 AM. I was trying to sleep as the phone rang and there was silence on the other end.
The fifteenth day of your silence was over, so you called right at midnight but could not talk. Recently you told me that you actually had a stroke of paranoia on the island in fear that you might not be able to ever speak again.

When some seven days had passed I started to think that there was atrophy in my vocal chords and I will not be physically able to speak ever again. I remember that it was the only time I uttered a quiet sound to be sure I am still able to do something like that.

Miks Mitrēvics (b.1980) and Kristīne Kursiša (b.1979) work together on an irregular basis since 2003.

Opening:Activity:933 FR 17.01 2014 – 20:00

Krokuskriebels: interactive family activity
From 5 till 9 March


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Let me google that for you

Miks Mitrēvics + Kristīne Kursiša