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Philip Metten

opening SA 02.04.2016 20:00

For his solo exhibition in Netwerk, Philip Metten (°1977) utilises a documentary approach for the public domain architectural sculptural works he creates. The development of a presentation concept tailored to his execution characteristics is an artistic challenge that characterises Metten’s research project at KASK School of Arts Ghent.

The reflective presentation is conceived as an accessible sculpture that echoes the forms of three previously completed projects: Bar (Antwerp, 2013), The Corner Show (Extra City, Antwerp, 2015) and 153. Stanton (Kai Matsumiya, New York, 2015).

Organized in the context of the European collaboration Understanding Territoriality
Identity, Place and Possession
, funded by the programm Creative Europe of the European Union.

Closed on holidays, 05.05 and 16.05.


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