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Sander Buyck

West Bank Walls

Photographer Sander Buyck shows images that emerged during a stay in the West Bank, Palestine, in late 2010, early 2011. Using a documentary-like language the photographer depicts life on the West Bank, where walls are omnipresent. These walls serve as physical and mental limitations, but also as a carrier of images that shape and form identities. He focuses on posters of perished heroes.

The photo project represents a collaboration between A Prior Magazine, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven and The International Academy of Art Palestine. This photo essay came about as a result of the “Picasso in Palestine’ project, a concept of Khaled Hourani, artist and artistic director of The International Academy of Art Palestine in Ramallah. For the first time a work by Picasso will be displayed in an autonomous Palestinian. The painting Buste de Femme from1943 will begin its journey from Eindhoven on June 1, 2011 and travel to the West Bank via Israel. It will be exhibited for several weeks in Ramallah. A Prior Magazine features the Picasso in Palestine project, in its most-recent issue, providing background, images, criticism and a history. The pictures by Sander Buyck contextualize the project from his own photographic vision. Sander Buyck also documents the journey of the painting.

Following the opening of the exhibition, you can witness a debate with Renzo Martens, Sander Buyck, Remco Blaaij (curator Van Abbe Museum) and Els Roelandt (A Prior Magazine editors).