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Tamás Kaszás

In collaboration with De Appel in Amsterdam.

SCI FI AGIT PROP is an exhibition by Hungarian artist Tamás Kaszás’, set in an imagined future. What will happen when our current economic system crashes and, simultaneously, all technology ceases to exist?

Tamás Kaszás answers these self-formulated questions by imagining do-it-yourself techniques for survival. Sculptures that could be recognized as functional objects, together with graphic material like posters and flyers, speculate on questions of collective and solidarity-driven survival techniques for the future.

Tamás Kaszás imagines a new way of living within a post-digital, post-market, post-industrial urban context, through what he calls ‘the science fiction of agitative propaganda’.

SCI FI AGIT PROP takes place simultaneously at Netwerk Aalst and De Appel in Amsterdam. The exhibition aims to connect to the diverse urban context of both institutions: to the gentrification of Amsterdam’s New-West area on the one hand, and to the post-industrial context of Netwerk Aalst on the other hand. How does the alternative reality of Tamás Kaszás affect the way we perceive these urban areas?

Images © Tom Callemin