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Stijn Van Dorpe

Ideologie AUB! Een denkmodel

Stijn Van Dorpe (° 1970 Oudenaarde) examines the relationship between the space art occupies and social realities within the framework of the current neoliberal society. He questions the meaning of creative production and ideology of today and takes a sharp look at alternative models of society. The issue of maintaining balance between the autonomy of art and its emancipatory potential is intelligently brought to attention in his work without neglecting a sense of poetry and aesthetic.

During an intense artist-in-residence period at the Kunstwerke Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, the exhibition Ideologie AUB! Een Denkmodel was thoroughly theoretically amplified. The exhibition became made up of all the projects Stijn Van Dorpe had launched the previous year. Some projects were realised with the participatory involvement of, among others, local youths, a group of art collectors and a professional fine arts painter. A collaborative process with woodworking students from KTA De Voorstad will result in a public performance during the opening event. In addition, the second edition of Stijn Van Dorpe’s publication series, Without Growth, will be presented. This exhibition publication, with an essay by guest author Florence Scialom, is offered for sale during the exhibition period at a democratic rate.

additional documents

Ideologie, ‘een denkmodel’
2008 – …

Without Growth
2014, 2015
authors Filka Sekulova & Florence Scialom / design Joris Kritis

with Semih, Lenny, Lisa, Michiel, Keanu, Killian, Sieben / painter Lieve Dejonghe

Opening SA 28.03.2015 20:00