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An installation by Ghislaine Leung exhibited in Netwerk Aalst

VIOLETS 2 is an installation by Ghislaine Leung exhibited in Netwerk Gallery 2, from June 22, 2018, to July 1st. For VIOLETS 2 Ghislaine Leung has installed a small welcome sign alongside ventilation pipes removed from the Netwerk Bar during 2017 refurbishment after having being rendered unnecessary by the introduction of the smoking ban in Belgium in 2007.

All pipes removed for refurbishment reinstalled within the space of one room and bracketed fixed to the floor, using as much of the material as possible while keeping it all interconnected. Spare pieces that do not fit in this configuration are to be bracketed together in smaller formations. A welcome sign to be installed.

VIOLETS 2 can be considered a perverse valuing of standardly refuse social and architectural material. Leung does this by refusing to privilege one voice over another, or one material over another. In this sense, Leung’s editing is expansive, rather than reductive. The installation works with what is not shown, what is blocked or made opaque, that what is edited by the space itself. As such, VIOLETS 2 questions not what the institution is expected to accommodate but the centrality of the proprietary rationales this logic sustains.

Shown here alongside VIOLETS 2 is a poster including the text materials generated from VIOLETS 1, by two events organised by Ghislaine Leung, using her long-term collaborative writing workshop Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue. For VIOLETS 1, Ghislaine Leung has adapted the workshop for Netwerk Aalst in order to work with existing groups that constitute the institution. The first private session focused on working with staff members from Netwerk Aalst, the second public session was held with children and parent/guardian groups.

VIOLETS is a long-term project Ghislaine Leung develops for Netwerk Aalst that exists as a series of workshops, interventions, and installations. They comprise exercises in transcribing, editing, and rescaling, to explore the possibilities of a non-singular constitution in the development of formal languages and given infrastructures.

VIOLETS addresses economies of value, questioning how so-called neutral structures from exhibition architecture to institutional set-ups are often politically charged forms. Ghislaine Leung describes VIOLETS as a physical exercise in structural and material constituting.

VIOLETS 2: variable dimensions, Aluminium Ventilation System, Brackets, Screws, Bolts, Dirt, Welcome Sign. Commissioned by Netwerk Aalst, 2018. Ventilation System removed from Netwerk Aalst Bar during 2017 refurbishment.

VIOLETS 1:140 x 240 cm, Inkjet Print on 220gsm paper. Commissioned by Netwerk Aalst, 2018. Texts generated from two events at Netwerk Aalst in 2017 organised by Ghislaine Leung using her long-term collaborative writing workshop Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue.

Further reading: discover the text Maximum from Ghislaine Leungs publication PARTNERS here.

All pictures are copyright Iwein De Keyzer. Courtesy of the artist.