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Local food: myth or reality?

Initiatives such as Loods vzw, De Loods, de Warme Meente and Lokaalmarkt point to a genuine interest for a short-chain food economy within and around Aalst. Bureau d’Alimentation would like to question the definition of ‘local’ within our increasingly diverse society. How local are the hummus, guacamole, and pesto on an average Belgian menu? Is there a network behind the short chain trade and what about ethics within international trade? What actions does politics undertake? Which ethical role is reserved for supermarkets? In a critical debate with Bruno Eeman, Joachim Rummens, and Jan Blindeman we discuss the situation of local food today.

Chef Abdel prepares a delicious Syrian buffet with a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes for a democratic price.This meal literally and figuratively brings food for thought on the plate!


Places are limited, please register via
Price: 12 € per person (not including drinks)

6 PM – 10 PM
ongoing buffet

8 PM – 10 PM
Discussion about local food with Jan Blindeman (City of Aalst), Bruno Eeman (De Loods Farm), Ellen Huybrechts (Umami, Warm Meente, Mier) and Joachim Rummens (Lokaalmarkt)


Jan Blindeman works at the department of Economics and Agriculture at the city of Aalst, and is a great supporter of local farmers and short-chain initiatives. Together with the neighboring municipalities Asse, Affligem and Opwijk and the Regional Landscape Scheldt-Durme, Blindeman was involved in the development of (H)eerlijk Lokaal, a brochure that guides you through the different short-chain food suppliers in this region.

Bruno Eeman is coordinator of the biological farm De Loods and Het Landhuis Ateljee. The Loods vzw is a tailor-made company that employs 120 people with reduced chances on the labor market in various projects. The biological farm is part of De Loods vzw, where local fruit and vegetables are grown and organic products, such as jam and pickles, are prepared.

Joachim Rummens is very active in different fields. His projects include Over.morgen, De Graanbar and Denderstroom. His most recent initiative is Lokaalmarkt, where consumers can buy local products in a very comfortable shopping environment.

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