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Experience ALIAS / Public program

Discover the exhibition in a different way

ALIAS is for everyone! Do you want to visit the exhibition with your family, friends or simply by yourself? Do you want to prepare an interactive tour or do you want to experience ALIAS in a more playful manner? We offer alternative walks for adults and an adjusted program for our youngest visitors. Every visitor has the chance to experience ALIAS in his own way.

Public events

During ALIAS, we organize various public events. Stay on top by following this page or subscribe to our newsletter.

Fumigation ceremony with Wendy Morris

Dates: 28.09, 12.10, 02.11, 16.11 and 30.11
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Guided tour by Aalst connoisseur Jan Louies

Dates: 29.09, 20.10, 03.11 and 10.11
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Botanical bodies, On the political and ritual meaning of plants

In collaboration with CIAP and Academy of the Arts of the World/ Cologne.
Saturday 12.10
Participants: Wendy Morris, Tinde van Andel, Mariska Broeckmeyer, Hendrike Scharmann, Bart Backaert, Aneta Rostkowska, Casper Fitzhue, Bart Van Dijck and Georgiana Cojocaru
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Workshop Flemish cold buffet (KAA-PLAA), by Bureau d’Alimentation

Sunday 06.10
10 – 12 am: workshop in Netwerk Aalst: free
from 12 am: aperitif, buffet and talk with Ignace Cami, Roger D’hondt en Jorijn Neyrinck: 20 euro
Please enroll for one or both events before September 30
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A Walk in High Resolution with David Bergé

Friday 22.11
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Artist Talk Tai Shani

Saturday 23.11
3 pm: Guided tour with Tai Shani and curator Pieternel Vermoortel
5 pm: a conversation with Ilse Ghekierein relation to ENGAGMENT
A conversation between 2 practices about gender, feminity and sexuality
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Visitor’s Guide

Use our visitor’s guide to find your way through the exhibition. The guide provides information about the various artworks and has a useful map.


The visitor’s guide is free, and available in Dutch and English.

Guided tour for groups

Visiting ALIAS with family or friends? Enroll for an interactive tour with a professional guide!


  • Available in English, Dutch and French
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Max. 20 visitors per group
  • € 60, excl. entry tickets
  • Book your tour

Family visit

ALIAS welcomes his youngest visitors with a custom-made visitor’s guide that contains playful assignments and fun games. In this way, young children are being offered the chance to actively participate in the exhibition.

This altered visitor’s guide is designed by MOOSS vzw, experienced partner in art and heritage education.


  • The visitor’s guide for children will only be available in Dutch
  • Families with children from 6 to 12 year.
  • You can create your own route. The duration depends on the chosen quantity of locations.
  • The visitor’s guide is available for free at the starting point of the exhibition: Netwerk Aalst (Houtkaai 15).

Info and registration

To subscribe or for more information: or 053 70 97 73.

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