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Girls Like Us 14 – Disappointment

Editorial Meeting

In relation to the exhibition If I could wish for something by Dora García at Netwerk Aalst, Girls Like Us magazine is currently working on a new issue around the theme of disappointment. Dora Garcia’s ever-growing collection disappointment letters (by a.o. Audrey Lorde, Hannah Arendt and Alexandra Kollontai) serves as an inspiration for the issue.

During a workshop at Netwerk Aalst on December 4th, the editorial team and invited guests will collectively address these feelings of disappointment. They see them not only close to regret, sadness, and dissatisfaction — a feeling of loss, an uncomfortable space (or a painful gap) between an expectations and reality. They also see them as an opportunity for change and catalyst for hope. The workshop will be a writing workshop, starting from the letter-format, but will also serve as an experiment to see how the workshop can be used as an editorial blueprint / kick-off for the next issue of Girls Like Us.

The new issue will be presented at Netwerk Aalst in 2022.

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