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Karin Hanssen / Ingrid Mostrey / Johan Pas / Els van Riel / David Bergé / Un film abécédaire (Eléonore Saintagnan)

The film+nights are the perfect occasion for art­ists to broaden the context of their work. during debates, lectures and book presentations they explain their work, driven by the question of how they approach the leitmotif of “identity” within their artistic practice. Each film+ evening will end with an appropriate film.

Karin Hanssen, Els van Riel, Ingrid Mostrey and David Bergé explain their work in the exhibition during a conversation with art historian and Prof. dr. Johan Pas regarding how they approach the issue of identity in their work, followed by a screening of Un film abécédaire by Eléonore Saintagnan.

Eléonore Saintagnan (FR, 1979) stayed for a month in the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park, and she met inhabitants of the small villages. The film is a homage to the people searching for happiness, there where it doesn’t seem easy to find. They believe in something, in myths, gods, varying from Vikings, Rock and Roll stars, Saint-Nicolas or brother Joseph….

€ 5 / 4,25

08.05.2012, 20:00

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