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Lecture by Samuel Forsythe

SPY SCHOOL is a series of lectures and workshops by Croatian theater director Tea Tupaji?. After a chance meeting with Israeli security officers at the Tel Aviv airport, she was fascinated by the interrogation techniques and espionage methods of secret services.

During the SPY SCHOOL workshops, Tea Tupaji? will transfer this secret knowledge to the participating groups. More info about the workshops can be found elsewhere on this website.

To accompany the three workshops, Tea Tupaji? curates a series of lectures per theme. The themes are Human Intelligence, Intelligence services and security in Belgium and Magic and the Intelligence Agency. The other lectures can be found elsewhere on our website.


During this lecture, we will explore the development of the human intelligence. Intelligence scholar Sam Forsythe will provide a historical and comparative overview- from first mentions in the Bible until the present day. The lecture explores how subjectivity is employed in warfare and how various social, political and psychological factors have formed the practices and skills of the human intelligence officers throughout history.

In the current moment of unprecedented digital surveillance powered by the rise of the more technological intelligence disciplines, such as signals intelligence and imagery intelligence, this introductory lecture explores the human factor- why does even now the most valuable information come from human sources? What exactly makes the human agent irreplaceable?

Sam Forsythe is a writer and researcher interested in the relationship between strategic and ecological thinking. He is currently a graduate student in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, with a research focus on the history and philosophy of strategic theory, and the epistemology of intelligence and security services. Sam works as a researcher for Rival Strategy, a London based design consultancy, and he has a background in digital media, film and performance art.


Lecture starts at 7:30 PM

Entrance: 5€ (this provides access to all expos at Netwerk Aalst)

Please subscribe via info(at) or by callling 053 70 97 73

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