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Lecture by Dr. Erella Grassiani

SPY SCHOOL is a series of lectures and workshops by Croatian theater director Tea Tupaji?. After a chance meeting with Israeli security officers at the Tel Aviv airport, she was fascinated by the interrogation techniques and espionage methods of secret services.

During the SPY SCHOOL workshops, Tea Tupaji? will transfer this secret knowledge to the participating groups. More info about the workshops can be found elsewhere on this website.

To accompany the three workshops, Tea Tupaji? curates a series of lectures per theme. The themes are Human Intelligence, Intelligence services and security in Belgium and Magic and the Intelligence Agency. The other lectures are elsewhere on this website.


SPY SCHOOL proposes to explore the local context of the city of Aalst. The interest is in the changes the intelligence services and the security paradigm in Belgium is facing in the wake of recent terrorist attacks and threats. Over the past few years, the European governments and intelligence agencies have been collaborating with the agencies who have a long history of responding to terrorist threats, such as the Israeli or American agencies. One could hence notice a significant shift and rise of the importance and capacities of the European security agencies, fostered by the learned methods.

We invite the anthropologist Erella Grassiani, who researches issues around the anthropology of conflict and violence, identity, nationalism and power relations to trace the flows of the (Israeli) security worldwide and look at the way cultural ideas, technologies and consultants move around globally.

Erella Grassiani is an assistant professor at the dept. of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. She is the author of Soldiering under Occupation processes of Numbing among Israeli soldiers in the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Her current research is part of a wider project on privatization and globalization of security with a specific focus on Israel and security mobilities. It traces the flows of the (Israeli) security worldwide and look at the way cultural ideas, technologies and consultants move around globally.


  • Lecture starts at 19:30
  • Entrance: 5 € (provides access to the expositions at Netwerk Aalst)
  • Please subscribe by e-mailing info(at) or calling 053 70 97 73

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