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Visite op Visite: Langweile

Visite Film Festival

Eva van Tongeren is chief curator of Visite Film Festival, a collage of political, experimental and documentary cinema. Twice a year, our collective De Imagerie invites makers to show their work alongside an inspirational film of their choice. By doing so, we set out to introduce local and nearby makers who address worldly themes in their artistic work. The films appear in different forms and vary in length, approach and time period.

This event was originally planned on 13 March, new date to be confirmed.

Visite op Visite: Langweile

This selection includes films that meet at the sidelines of active life. It’s as if the essence of human condition was exposed there, in the shadow of working and performing. The gaze of these filmmakers is not a distant observation, nor a mere exploration of people playing games or contemplating. Their gaze joins the contemplation itself and playfully participates in the time that is free, and necessary in it’s aimlessness.

La Chambre (Chantal Akerman, 1972, 11’)

A long and slow panoramic shot depicts a room where Chantal Akerman sits, on a bed. A mysterious self-portrait of the filmmaker as well as a cinematic still-life.

Tirana (Eva Claus, 2019, 3’)

An afternoon filming in Tirana, Albania; going up and down the pyramid. Kids proudly show us their urban playground, climbing to the top, ruling their city.

Oumi. From nothing to something to something else part 3, (Manon de Boer, 2019, 15’)

A teenage girl sings and interacts with objects around her, lost in her own thoughts. The intimacy of her breathing and her voice remind us of an inner world we have no access to.

Sunday (Ans Mertens, 2020, 13’)

Set in a natural reserve, the film treats the frame as a path, guiding the spectator’s eye, like the wanderer is guided along sights. However, the cinematic frame hits the tension between the rough landscape and its cultivation.

Touwfiguren (Katrien Vermeire, 2016, 14’)

Katrien Vermeire drew inspiration from the encyclopedic film Fadenspiele (1969), part of the German film series Encyclopaedia Cinematographica by H.R. Haefelinger. Touwfiguren shows two children making string figures. It focuses on the practice as a game and pays attention to the movements and the action.

A joint venture by De Imagerie & Netwerk Aalst.
The filmmakers will be present.

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