Derek Jarman: Will You Dance With Me?

Programme 4

The screening starts at 8:30pm

Derek Jarman, Will You Dance With Me?, 78′, UK, 1984

Filmed without any intention of public exhibition—Jarman shot the video as research for his friend Ron Peck (director of the iconic gay drama Nighthawks), Will You Dance With Me was shot primarily over one night a gay bar in East London’s Mile End. Working on his feet, and with very early digital video, the resulting work is an entrancing record of a now long-gone nightclub, and the London gay scene before AIDS changed everything.  Only made recently available for screenings, the film is a rousing and joyous culmination of a day of screenings that highlight the dynamism, textuality, and sensitivity of bodies moving captured by the camera.

23.03.2024, 20:30