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Dean Blunt

Dean Blunt is unstoppable. Aside from releases under the name Hype Williams, he also put out duo-effort album ‘Ebony’ under the name Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland, on the well-reputed Hyperdub (see too: Kode9, King Midas Sound,…). All releases share a common factor: slow, fuzzy beats duelling with lonesome vocals. His first solo output under the name Dean Blunt was released in ’12, in the form of a mixtape entitled ‘The Narcissist II’. His latest release ‘The Redeemer’ is, rather surprisingly, a romantic and sensual album. The sound remains narcotic but is enriched by strings and embellished by dopey synth-lines.

For fans of Actress, Laurel Halo and even the indie-soul-pop of TV On The Radio.