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Relaunch Netwerk Aalst

Programme relaunch 23 September 2017

Join us for a programme that includes the opening of two new exhibitions, a parade, performances, culinary interventions, and a dance party.

Unreliable parade through Aalst – Die Verdammte Spielerei
4 saxophone players, 1 percussionist and one megaphone-carrying MC lead the team of Netwerk Aalst around the city of Aalst. Together, we create happy confusion and make several stops on our way to our building. MC Stefaan De Winter and his disciples make sure the start of our artistic programme is a festive one.

Start at Houtkaai around 11:30
Arrival Grote Markt around 12h
Vredeplein at 13h

Welcome to Netwerk Aalst

Performance Future Proof – Sorry
Prepare yourself for what is yet to come in Wellnesscentre Future Proof. By using diverse treatments – from facial masks to elixirs – Sorry heals your stress body, and helps you develop your Protective Shell. All will be well.

Performance Recipes for Disaster – Domestic Science Club feat. Gosie Vervloessem
Recipes for Disaster is a disastrous market stall. How do you stomach disaster? How long does it take to digest a catastrophe? Gosie Vervloessem mixes, presses, bakes and serves erupting vulcanoes, dizzying earthquakes, traumatising tsunamis… Can you handle the Big Bang?

Performance How to Invoke Apparitions – Diederik Peeters
During the short reading How to Invoke Apparitions, Diederik narrates the historical findings of his research about the disembodied voice. Should he succeed in finishing his education as a medium, he will be assisted by a historical figure.

Performance How to Make a Mask – Pedro Barateiro
How to Make a Mask is a monologue accompanied by images delivered by a single performer. It was made in a moment when demonstrations against austerity measurements were taking place all over the world. The performance refers to the growing exposure of individual data on social media, its manipulation by big data companies and its consequences on both humans and non-humans and their construction of the world.

dinner, drinks & party!

The two exhibitions are open throughout the day.

Netwerk Aalst café powered by AMOK
Dinner served at a reasonable price