Guy Woueté connects ideas in Aalst and Njombé-Penja (Cameroon) on the question 'What is work?'

Guy Woueté is currently developing WAKA, an artist studio and residency located in Njombé-Penja, Cameroon. This initiative operates organically, like a living organism, bringing artists together around issues of labor and education. The goal is to create an environment where we can understand and transform our own life conditions through the realities that influence them. Art is used as a space for self-understanding and questioning our future.

WAKA Studio for Art, Education, Research and Society is the factory of decolonial imaginary. This place is an artistic research that revolves around the question of work and education and their socio-economic, political, and aesthetic implications. This place aims to think and nourish dreams of the youth.

Njombé-Penja, much like Aalst, is a vibrant place full of life and activity. It is a small world city with stories to tell: stories of ordinary people and small gestures that care for life here and elsewhere. Whether in Europe, Africa, Cameroon, Belgium, Njombé-Penja, or Aalst, wherever we may be, transit and exile are closely linked to work. In Njombé-Penja and Aalst, almost everyone is affected by the challenges of work, but resilience is built daily, both here and there, using different means.