Bram De Jonghe

Brushless Thoughts / De heldere essentie van de schemering

The sculptures, drawings and videos of Bram De Jonghe reveal themselves through the way they are exhibited. Architectural interventions and mechanical pedestals dismantle the logic of the exhibition space and install an autonomous spatial choreography that places the view and navigation in the hand of the spectator.

This sculptural playground serves as a breeding ground for poetic musings that sharpens the viewer’s senses. An associative play with conventions and expectations, which the artist may or may not apply or fill out, opens space for imagination and wonder.

Consider the installation as a film set. Plotlines are enacted, changes of subject introduced, flashbacks and slow-motion effects follow. We are directed by the movements of a camera that zooms in, is interrupted, changes direction. As new side stories are introduced and plotlines side tracked, details become main characters. Things no longer appear to us as they did before. Elements change status: support structures become sculptures, sculptures turn into dioramas, videos into observation points, walls become characters or, with the unexpected appearance of small fossils, a metal frame transforms into a plinth.

Bram De Jonghe examines the physical and mental conditions of the act of viewing, and the actions that hinder this process. With his sculptural machines he inexhaustibly attempts (and perhaps in vain) to make these frictions inoperative and render a pure-as-possible translation of an idea into an image.