Voice and movement

a workshop by Ine Claes

Vocalist and performer Ine Claes supervises these workshops on language and movement, as part of the exhibition by Imogen Stidworthy.

Participants get started with word and text through automatic writing. The text they produce forms the base of the entire workshop.

The following questions and topics will be covered:

  • Do all words in our text have to be understandable? Why (not)?
  • What effect does the intelligible / unintelligible have on the other?
  • What techniques do we use to make a powerful text?

Later during the workshop, participants get to work with self-invented languages, and develop their own voice composition and movement pattern: if you do not pronounce a text, but instead make it clear with gestures, does it still reflect what the text is about or does a new image arise?


During the workshop for children and the small workshops Ine Claes introduces the participants to their voice and movements. The 1-day workshop will do this more elaborately.

This workshop is aimed at art lovers and will be given in Dutch. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes.

Saturday, June 8

  • from 2 until 4 PM

  • workshop for children between 8 and 12 years old

  • 10 € per child

Sunday, June 16

  • two small workshops in the context of Sunny Side Up

  • one for children from 2 until 2:45 PM and one for older students/adults from 3 until 4 PM

Saturday, June 22

  • a 1- day workshop for older students/adults

  • from 10 AM until 5 PM

  • 25 € per person (including lunch)

Subscribe via info@netwerkaalst.be or call 053 70 97 73

08.06.2019 10:00—22.06.2019 17:00