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For this jubilee edition, the Aalsterse collective will exchange with AMATEUR ATHLETICS, an English collective notorious for its club nights at London’s Social-Club.
Athletes on duty are Phiorio, a London-based Italian who will serve you DJ-wise the cream of the crop in terms of minimal techno. Besides being an excellent and technically accomplished DJ, he is also the mastermind behind Click, a legendary London clubnight.

Brothers Alex and Paul Gulati may or may not do it together with Gash (orte Paul Southgate). You can expect anything from these guys. Alex works as a sound engineer for film productions and makes sound installations. Paul is a designer and released a 12inch on Rephlex, Aphex Twin’s label. Gash is a walking pop encyclopaedia and as such is an unapologetic DJ and cut-up producer. Moreover, they are all good with laptops and other kinds of musical knobs, but don’t expect regular pop tunes!

Neubarton (aka Jason Barton) will get you moving with a varied DJ set with a slight preference for electro and new wave.

A week after aLOSTaSOULS #10, the aLOSTaSOULS crew will head to England, where Dardadrome will present his first vinyl single at the next Amateur Athletics in London. But also in Netwerk, you can already get a taste of the revamped Dardadrome show. Recently, Dardadrome has expanded to a foursome. The original trio Kwinten Callens, Patrick Van Neck and Aagje Callens was supplemented by compuwizzard/keyboard wonder Wence Vandermeersch, which only benefits Dardadrome’s sparkling electro-pop sound., the obscure, time – and place-transcending cult formation brings an alienating mix of field recordings, psychfolk, musique concrète, distorted newage, manipulated media fragments, noise and laptop fiddling. the six-piece CD box set will be released soon on the Arsonist Recordings label affiliated with aLOSTaSOULS. aLOSTaSOULS #10 gives you a taste.

19.03.2005 20:00