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aLOSTaSOULS # 12 vs D-tuned

Jerusalem the Black (B)
Improv folk

OrvsAnd (B)
Improv, jazzy, folky electronics

Gilles Dela Tourette (B)
Laptopnoise by Steven Tevels

Steamer Cry Wolf-Taliban ensemble (B)
Experimental Steamer set ft Tuk (K-RAA-K)³

Sofus Forsberg
Sofus Forsberg brings pure electronica that shoots between chaotic rocking and quiet melodic, a mix as it were of Autechre & Boards of Canada. His fine debut album NO/1 was released at the end of 2002, featuring the wonderful voice of Henriette Sennevaldt (Under Byen) and the jazzy sax of Niels Böttcher. At Sonar 2004 he was one of the highlights and his concert was recorded for John Peel’s One World Show and last year he was already a guest at Kc Netwerk. On 26 September 2005, his new record Udefra will be released on Jenka Music, we are very curious!

For fans of Boards of Canada, Future 3 and Funkstörung.

Karsten Pflum
25-year-old Karsten Pflum, who goes through life in everyday life as Jacob Helverskov Madsen, won the Danish Arts Councils Award for young composers in 2002, which was obviously a great kickstart for his musical career. His debut album Tracks was released on the English Worm Inteface and this year his second record Flugten Fra Ar 2000 (which means as much as The Flight From Year 2000) was released on Jenka Music. On which he once again proves to be an absolute master at creating fairytale scenes and chopping up beats, or as the Jenka site puts it: Complex hard beats on a journey into the magical forest

Freaky shit, which is even played on Radio 1’s Breezeblock and by the late John Peel.


E-Phonk vs Dconvict
E-phonk (red room) has been on the club circuit for a while now. You could admire his sets at the Fuse, Decadance, Vooruit, … where he shared the turntables with some fine names from the (inter)national circuit: CJ Bolland, Ed&Kim, Moodlex, Bob Sinclar, Joey Beltram, Rainer Truby, … Also featured on Switch (Stubru). Dconvict (red room) is Dendermond’s Drumnbass man Expect a very eclectic set.

aLOSTa/D-tuned dj Tag Team
Aka Kwinton vs Davy. Expect post-punk/electro/deathdisco/.

30.09.2005 20:00